Assessments, Conferences and Registration for the New School Year

The Core Knowledge Curriculum used in our Preschool classrooms includes ongoing assessment of students’ skills throughout the school year. This enables our teachers to individually meet each student’s needs through instruction. We hold Parent-Teacher conferences three times a year, in November, January and June. The Lead Teachers utilize the assessment information to record each student’s progress and communicate this with the parents at the conferences.

During the January conference, priority enrollment for the following year begins for our current students. The teachers make a class recommendation for the next school year based on the child’s assessment and developmental age.The parents then turn in their registration form and the school determines class placement.The process culminates with the signing of a Student Contract and the payment of a non-refundable deposit in the March time-frame.

New families may begin the registration process at any time with a tour of our school.  After a successful playdate during the early spring, new students will be placed in developmentally appropriate classrooms after priority enrollment for our current families ends. Student Contracts are mailed at the completion of the placement process. Families expressing interest in our school during the late spring and summer will complete this same process, assuming there is still space available in the appropriate classroom