Enrichment Classes

Did you know that we have enrichment classes at LVS?

We offer Art with Ms. Cobb. Throughout the year she has been teaching the children about Master artists.  Once a lesson is taught she then has the children create their own artwork in the style of the artist of the week.  Some artists that have been focused on have been: Picasso, O’Keefe, Mondrian, and Seurat.  We have a lot of budding artists in our school.

Music is taught by Ms. Linda Sill, and she has helped the children with 2 performances over the school year!  In December the preschool children sang wonderful holiday inspired songs and in April the preschool children put on a Musical called Pirates 2.  Not only do the children sing, but they learn about instruments and different aspects of music.

Music and Art have been integrated into our LVS curriculum, but it is fantastic that we have the ability to offer enrichment classes as a separate learning tool taught by teachers that have specialized in these fields.