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The Montessori


We offer a competitive, private full-day Kindergarten program at the Learning Village Montessori School. The Kindergarten year is marked by the child's development of independence and leadership. The Montessori curriculum provides hands-on materials to engage children in advanced reading and writing, math, and scientific inquiry. The curriculum is aligned with the Virginia State Standards of Learning for the Kindergarten year. Our graduates consistently perform at or above grade level on standardized assessments. Learn more about our rigorous Kindergarten program here.


The Language curriculum extends for the Kindergarten year into more advanced reading, writing, and spelling/grammar.

The Movable Alphabet aids the child in building words into sentences, and exploring with inventive spelling before transitioning into memorization. The child is also understanding how to classify words into nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, etc. Penmanship is refined and children have the option to transition into cursive writing. The Kindergarten year is a year of creativity, and children begin to express themselves more in writing and through creative writing, storytelling, and illustrations. Ultimately we desire to continue to nurture in the child a love of reading and writing as they continue to advance.


"When the child begins to think and to make use of the written language to express his rudimentary thinking, he is ready for elementary work; and this fitness is a question not of age or other incidental circumstance but of mental maturity."

Maria Montessori



The Math curriculum transitions in the Kindergarten year from foundations in concrete learning to the more abstract, and leading into memorization. The kindergarten students will be focused on building their number recognition from 1-1000, and manipulating numbers in addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Students will be exploring patterns in mathematics through skip counting, geometric problem solving, and operations.

Advanced mathematical concepts include fractions, telling time, measurement, and applied mathematics using money.

"Free the child's potential and you will transform him into the world."

Maria Montessori



The Montessori Kindergartener desires to learn more in depth about the world around him/her down to the smallest details. The science curriculum delves deeper into the world of biology, as the child develops an understanding of the classification system of life. Real life exploration and experimentation provides the child with answers to their endless questions of who, what, where, when, and how? The geography curriculum helps the child to map out the world around him/her and have a better understanding of the world. We desire to give children experiences of different cultures, languages, and traditions to raise awareness and sensitivity to differences.

We are currently accepting enrollments for the 2022/2023 SY.
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