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School Uniforms

LVMS requires uniforms for all of its students enrolled in the Montessori program. This fosters an environment conducive to learning, respectful behavior, and unity.  Uniforms are worn throughout the academic school year, with the exception of special casual dress days, or themed dress. More information regarding LVMS’s uniform policy can be found here.


  • All students, pre-primary through kindergarten/1st, wear the Learning Village Montessori School uniform. Our school has partnered with the uniform company, French Toast, to offer custom embroidered uniforms.

  • Embroidered garments, such as polo, shirts, sweaters, jumpers, etc. must be purchased from French Toast.

  • Pants, shorts, scooters, socks, leggings, tights, and belts may be purchased from alternative sources, if comparable in color and style to those supplied by the uniform provider.

  • Please visit to view the uniform components and place an order.

  • Our school will receive 5% cashback for every order placed by phone or online at

  • The Learning Village Montessori's school code is: QS62TRO.

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